Initial Finance Group Testimonial

Being part of the mortgage broking industry for 20 years I have been associated with several different aggregators and have had some great experiences with each accordingly. <br> In February 2018 a change in business direction with my current aggregator created an unexpected problem for my business where I needed to find the services of a new one. This problem turned into a positive when I was offered the opportunity to join Specialist Finance Group (SFG). 

It was inconceivable that changing aggregators, a task which generally impacts a business for 30 days, would impact my business for only 3 thanks to the joint effort of the SFG team. I was in absolute awe with the ease of the whole process facilitated by the ad min and accreditation team, Sales and State Managers all the way up through to the CEO himself, William Lockett. 

The culture within SFG is something extraordinary and something that I have not yet experienced. Whilst making you feel that you are part of a growing family, SFG do not compromise on their professionalism and efficiency. I have never had management, including the CEO, encourage and acknowledge my business on a regular basis. Due to their advice, acknowledgement and encouragement I have seen my business develop and expand dramatically over the past few months. 

The recent implementation of the brilliant and unparalleled aggregation software, SFG Connect, ensures my business will have the capacity to grow even further through its administrative, service and marketing tools. The ability to have interactive access to the support team 24 hours a day gives comfort that downtime is drastically minimised. Training is also easily accessible and readily available. 

I can honestly recommend SFG as an aggregator of choice, whether you are a new or an established broker joining the SFG team will give you the tools for growth and success. 

David August, Finance Broker<br> Peter Magoulias, Finance Broker 

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